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Let us see what's under the hood.  This is a great way for student and coach to get to know each other and set a plan.  Sometimes now is not the right time to start a new coaching or instruction program.  We look at goals and current game and have an honest talk about what it takes to accomplish goals.





1-5 Lessons $115 per hour

6-10 Lessons $105 per hour

10+ Lessons $95 per hour

10% off Lessons if done during the day 8am-4pm Monday- Friday



1-5 Lessons $100 per hour

6+ Lessons $85 per hour



Golf Clubs, Ball and Trophy

Your chance to try golf lessons and get some help with some specific needs.  This is a great way to get the confusion gone and get a clear idea of what to do moving forward.



$499 -5 Hours of Lessons

Lesson Sampler

Golf club and ball

For some things in this game we just need a dump in the right direction.  Not everyone can invest in their golf games the way they want to.  This simple technical package is to jump into the pieces of the swing that are not working to make some changes.  We ensure you know the drills and process moving forward so you can work hard to refine and improve on your own.


We try not to bit off more than we can chew with this one.  Many clients will take 3-4 of these over the course of 6-24 months.  Fixing a slice of 10-20 years in not a 5 hour fix.

$499 -5 Hours of Lessons

Quick Technical

Golfer hitting golf

We get technical.  This is not coaching but upgrading the technical elements of the golf swing.  With better fundamentals and mechanics it will unlock your potential.  Many players are held back by technical limitations.

$949- 10 Hours of Lessons

Technical Instruction


Beyond technical is the game of golf.  Some swings are not meant to be changed much.  Learning how to score and play the game better is key to lower scores.  Putting, chipping, strategy and choice.

"the choices you make determine the outcome more than the abialites"

$1499- 12 Hours of Coaching and 2 playing lessons.

Intro to Coaching

Old Golf Balls

We are now your golf coach.  On the PGA Tour coaches start at $100,000 just to get started.  Sessions can run for 2-3 hours all the way to 3 days of straight work.  With a personalized coaching plan, we get the job done.  We set goals and really analyze what needs to be done.

$2999-$6999 Your private coaching program

Your Coach

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